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Nada cartuchos

In November and December 2019 all of the lodges in Cordoba agreed to shutdown to assess the bird population and see if it would improve. Just as things were kicking off again, COVID hit and in March 2020 the world closed its doors.

During the shutdown we decided to begin our new adventure here in Santa Fe, hoping to open in March 2022.

Just when we were getting ready to open, we received word that the shell manufacturers were no longer receiving gun powder from a small division of the Argentine Army that provides the gun powder to the entire big game and wing shooting hunting industries here in Argentina, which meant that the entire industry would need to close down until new sources of gun powder are found.

With the amount of shells the wing shooting lodges go through, we have been forced to delay our “official” opening as the 2 main manufacturers in Argentina hope to have their own supply to start producing again by Q4 2023. We had a number of large groups booked in which we had to cancel unfortunately. Instead we were able to host a few small groups as test clients and we received great feedback from those clients that stayed with us.

The shell situation should also be helped by what we hope is a change in government by the end of October, who is more pro-business and agriculture. Our lodge is in the agricultural heartland of Argentina and it provides vital USD to the struggling Argentine economy.

Fingers crossed…

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