What to Bring

Shooting Clothes

Lightweight clothing is essential as the climate is typically dry most of the year. Khaki, brown and camo are the most common clothing colours and bring a few layers with you for winter months as it can get cold in the mornings and a rain jacket just in case.

Ear Protection

There are numerous types of ear protection available on the market, but you should look for comfort, fit, and sound deafening components. We recommend MSA as this brand provides the best mix of protection and comfort while being able to converse with your birdboy and your friends without removing your headphones. We also have disposable options available at the lodge if needed


We recommend bringing lightweight hiking boots that provide enough stability for high volume shooting with a rigid sole


The weather is generally very sunny so UV protection is key in the field. Glasses also protect from dust and debris


Using lightweight shooting gloves is essential when shooting high volume as the barrels can get extremely hot very quickly


We would recommend bringing a small bag filled with all our personal belongings so you have everything in one place including sunscreen, first aid, gloves, ear protection, hats, glasses and any medication you may need


Most clients use baseball caps when using full ear protection, full brimmed hats are also common for maximum sun protection

Recoil Pads

There is a huge range of recoil pads available and with the high shooting volumes on offer, a good recoil pad will save your shoulder so look for something that fits your shooting well

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